juggling festival in pictures

Red carpet, glitter and sparkle for a night which aim is to promote the images of the juggling art or how to show the best way through many tools other than the scene.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


The theme of the festival is : FRENCH TOUCH

We count upon you to make use of this theme in your creations. Play the game, it will be considered for the jury’s vote. The elections of the best creations will be evaluated by 3 different jurys :

  • The participants of the 36th EJC who will vote during the Juggling Festival in Picture’s night,
  • Seven special judges selected by the Association which organises the festival.
  • The internet users who will vote online for the videos during the festival between the 30th of July and the 2nd of August.



  •  Moving images : video, 3D, graphism, animation

For this category, the juggler’s technique is not more important than the other aspects. All the video’s components are considered : the aesthetics/the image, the rythm, the music.The videos cannot exceed 3 minutes (suspensive criteria). The sponsor’s logos have to appear in the credits at least during 5 seconds. The logos can be downloaded at this adress : http://fichier.befuse.com/_PHZ/Logo_sponsor.zip

It is advisable to use a free licence soundtrack or done per yourself or per one of your friends.

  • Fix image : photography, drawing, paintings, numerical graphical creation,

For this category, the important is not the juggling tricks but the aesthetics of the whole image.


Your productions will be projected during the 36th EJC special night. Six prizes will be offered in euros per Paypal :

 * Moving Images :

  • 1st 300€
  • 2nd 200€
  • 3rd 100€

* Fix Image :

  • 1st 150€
  • 2nd 100€
  • 3rd 50€


Common rules for the two categories :

* Your creation cannot be visible on the internet before the end of the convention, the 3rd of August 2013.

* Your creation will be presented on the festival’s Facebook page during the convention so that the international internet users can have the possibility to vote. Therefore you must agree with the publication of your video or image on the internet.

* Your creation, if you want, will also be publicated on the EJC 2013′s DVD.

** Your creations must be sent before the 21st of June to ejc2013contest@gmail.com, for example via Google drive, We tranfer, Vimeo with password, Skydrive or per mail to « Association Par Haz’Art – La Grainerie – 61 rue Saint Jean – 31130 Balma ».

** There is no limitation concerning the number of participants neither concerning the number of projects per participant.

** Your presence at the convention is not obligatory to take part of the Juggling Festival in Pictures.

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