Becarfull : Pack 2 (P2) is full !

The website where you can buy your pass, t-shirt and hoody for the EJC is on-line !


If you select the pass without shows, you will not be able to see the shows in the big top : sacekripa, sens dessus dessous, patrik & wes, defracto and the EJC gala show.

People under 18 years old can come, but they will need to bring a completed parental permission form which will receive with their pre-registration confirmation letter. Access is free for children 9 years old and younger, but they need to pre-register even if they do not pay.

In order to avoid using a huge show venue where some people might be a long way away from the stage, this year are having all the main shows perform 5 times. We have organised these shows into 5 packs, each pack has the same shows, but with performances at different times. Pack number 3 will have translation for deaf jugglers. If you are not arriving at the start, we recommend choosing a pack that fits with your arrival (ie select a pack where the first show is 3 hours after you arrive at EJC). You can select which show pack you want when you pre-register.


You can also these EJC t-shirts and hoodies, for collection at EJC on the pre-reg website



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