important informations


Dogs are not allowed on the whole site of the EJC. Make sure you leave the campsite, the gymnasium, toilets and other places of the site in the same condition as you would like to find them

SECURITY You can juggle, take a nap, picnic, but unfortunately it is forbidden to camp in the forest. Any accident associated with falling branches or trees will be under your sole responsability. Camp fires are prohibited on the whole

 site. In case of fire, call the 18 and contact a member of the the EJC. Fire extinguishers will be available at several locations of the site A medical assistance wil lbe available every day, near the info point. Security guards will be present on the site during the whole EJC. In case of aggression, go to the info point located in the centre of the site

BADGE PASS  The badge you will receive at the reception desk when arriving on the site of the EJC will allow you to freely access to all the part of EJC site. Make sure you will keep it always with you..

SHOWS TICKETS Do not lose your shows tickets ! Plan to have a small bag to keep them carefully. Tickets are not replaced in case of loss. No compensation will be granted if you miss one or more performances. You will not be able to attend perfomances if you miss the date or the schedules

Flash photos are strictly prohibited during performances, as well as the cell phones and crying children : only laughs and applause are allowed


<=> This is also prohibited during the shows !


FRENCH LAW Alcohol consumption in public places is not permitted in France. Buying and consuming alcohol is permitted from 18 years old. Smoking in public places is also prohibited. Drugs are illegal in France

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