toi d’abord

« Tu viens ! » clown juggling street show for everyone 

It deals with two men… one of them is meticulous, the other has a fiery temperament; well, that is the way I know them.  The first is too shy, the second too quirky, but both of them love each other, even if they don’t admit it.  If they separated, I think they would die. They don’t speak, but we can easily understand all they have to say. Between them, things are kind of up in the air, everything flying and bouncing about all over the place! The balls, the bodies, the movements and the emotions will take you at the heart of a beautiful relationship, so strong, so fragile.

july 27th – 19:00 & 23:00 – street show – area 7

Thomas Lafitte: actor juggler
Jeremy Olivier: actor juggler
Mathieu Valls: distribution

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